New English Classes now available!

We have now extended our service to offer English lessons. We offer online lessons and following lockdown we will also be offering face to face lessons. 


We can support your child to stay on track and continue to make progress during lockdown. Contact us to find out how we can support your child 



We provide high quality small group Mathematics tuition.

We are committed to offering our learners an engaging educational experience enabling them to build their confidence in Mathematics. We specialise in preparation for GCSE examinations.

We are committed to making high quality tuition available at a more affordable price than the traditional 1 to 1 tuition model. 

Exciting News - Top Grades Education has a new home

Following lockdown Top Grades Education is moving to new premises at

Impressions, Standish.



  • Our students are taught in small groups (maximum 6 students).

  • Each student is assessed to pinpoint their areas for development.

  • Lessons are designed to fill gaps in knowledge and address misconceptions. 

  • Sessions take a variety of forms including:  

    • Whole group instruction (where areas for development  are common to the whole group)

    • Students may be grouped to work on different topics.

    • Students may work individually 

  • Sessions will include a variety of resources including discussion, worksheets and high quality online resources,

  • Students are assessed regularly to ensure that the correct areas are being targeted. 

  • We use recall strategies every lesson to ensure that students retain content taught in previous weeks.


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