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Educational Services for Schools

KS3 Intervention in English and Maths

Years 7 to year 9 provide the building blocks of knowledge and skills which will be tested through the GCSE years.

Our KS3 classes in English revise spelling, punctuation and grammar rules and develop reading skills further to enable pupils to write academic, analytical answers. We work on building vocabulary, understanding the morphology and developing stunning sentence structures to enable writing to have impact. We develop our pupils' love of language through using variety of activities to engage and challenge.

Primary English and Maths Support

The Y6 tests are a challenge for many learners, we add an element of fun and competition to support pupils to retrieve information, use skills of inference and deduction. We work on spelling, grammar and punctuation to cover all of the elements on the y6 tests to ensure pupils are secondary ready.

We offer small group tuition in our centre or in person for groups of up to 6 and online for groups of up to 3.

 GCSE Intervention in English and Maths 

Small group tuition is available Monday to Friday, 3:30pm – 7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm.

We have the flexibility to offer small group English and Maths session during the school day – please enquire for availability.

We focus on specific skills to support students achieve their target grades. We focus relentlessly on finding and addressing misconceptions, ensuring that pupils understand the language of exam papers and how to interpret and adapt to the questions presented to them.

English and Maths Masterclasses

*Coming Soon* from January 2022 we will be offering large masterclasses to support students to achieve their potential in the Summer 2022 exams for English Language and Maths GCSE. With the unpredictability of the exam system for the past few years we know that we need to support young people in every way possible. Attending masterclasses and listening to the messages our team will share can make all the difference to your pupils. We work closely with professionals at the exam boards and adapt to the relevant adjustments made to tailor our courses. We give your students the best opportunity to achieve their target grades.

6 Week Work Skills Course

Our 6 week course covers everything from writing the perfect CV to writing and editing letters of application, writing in an appropriately formal style, proof reading and interview techniques.

This course is entirely bespoke, we will examine your skills, talents and experience and work with you to ‘showcase’ yourself to potential employers.

Classes for up to 6 in class or 3 online - £120 per student

This course can be booked for a class in school or online – discounts apply.

Home Educated Children

We offer the opportunity for home educated children to learn English and Maths skills in a small group environment. We have the flexibility to tailor our curriculum to adapt to the needs of a range of learners. We can support with analysis and inference and support children to understand core English and Maths skills needed for the future and can work with parents to support and guide children on to the appropriate pathway.


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