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GCSE Exams - A Marathon not a Sprint

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Exams are stressful, I know this is not news but what can you do to reduce the stress? GCSE exams really are a marathon not a sprint, there are simply too many of them and too much content for you to start cramming at Easter.

Strategies for success:

Start revising now!

Most important of all, start now! Not next week, not after half-term, not after Christmas, not after Easter. Start NOW!

Write a revision plan

Plan for success. Write a revision plan and put is somewhere that you and your family can see it so that they can help you to stay on track.

Revise the things you can't do Revise things that you find challenging, revising things you can do might feel good but it is a waste of time. It is true that the things you find hard are not likely to be the things you like but they need to be done.

Revisit topics that you have revised

Have you ever been able to work through lots of questions in class and then two weeks later you can hardly remember what to do? That is because recall is hard. Revising work again at regular intervals helps you to recall it. Each time you bring it back into your mind you will remember it for longer.

Treat Yourself

Build in rewards for yourself. If you have worked hard and stuck to you plan you deserve a reward. Maybe you want to go to the cinema or bowling or hang out with friends, if you earned it then do it.

People will wish you good luck when you go into an exam but your results have little to do with luck, they are a result of planning for success and working hard.

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