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9 Benefits of Personal Maths Tuition

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

1. Boosts confidence: The reassurance of working closely with a tutor on the areas of Maths which your child finds most challenging can really boost their confidence when they realise that they can do it.

2. Misconceptions can be quickly identified and corrected: It is much easier for a tutor to pinpoint misconceptions for students in a small group than for a teacher trying to support 30 students.

3. Focused on your child's areas for development: Your child will have an individual plan focused on the topics which they find challenging.

4. Moves at your child's pace: A tutor will work at the pace that works for your child. If they have not understood a concept the tutor will spend more time on it rather than move on.

5. Pre-learning: Your child may study a topic with their tutor which they have not yet studied in school. When they come to the topic in school it is now revision for your child. Even if they do not recall everything from the tuition session having seen the topic before makes it much easier to follow the work. This is particularly beneficial for complex topics and is an excellent confidence builder as your child can quickly feel like the expert in the room.

7. Safe place to share ideas: Some children do not have the confidence to contribute or ask questions in a whole class discussion; a small group provides a safe place to share ideas and understanding.

8. Safe place to make mistakes: A small group provides a safe place to understand that it is okay to get things wrong. Students will be taught to understand that mistakes are fantastic learning tools. We learn far more from mistakes than we do from getting everything correct.

9. No disruption: In a small group tuition session there is a zero tolerance approach to disruption.

A tutor can pinpoint your child's misconceptions

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