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Find out about our small group tuition lessons


Your child has the choice of attending face to face lessons at our dedicated classroom in Standish or attending online lessons via Zoom.


Your child's first lesson will be a free no obligation assessment lesson. The assessment is used to identify your child's areas for development and prepare their individualised programme. 



Each class contains a maximum of 4 children. Your child will work on their own individual areas for development. We use a wide range of online and offline resources to support our students to develop their understanding and gain in confidence.


Each student is provided with a laptop and whiteboard (these are disinfected between classes). Current Corona virus restrictions men that we will can't lend any other equipment to students. Students will need:

  • pen

  • pencil

  • whiteboard pen

  • ruler

  • eraser

  • sharpener

  • protractor

  • compass 

  • calculator (scientific for secondary students)

  • Headphones