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Top Grades Education was founded in 2019 by

Richard and Emma Perry. Richard has been a secondary school Maths teacher for 24 year and a senior leader for 12 years. Emma has been a secondary school English teacher for 23 years and Head of English for 10 years. Being experts in our field means that we are in a unique position to be able to identify where students need extra support and work with them to build the skills that they need to succeed. 

We love having the opportunity to see young people embrace learning and achieve more than they thought possible. It is a privilege to witness so many 'light bulb moments.'

Following the closure of schools during the Covid 19 pandemic more parents than ever feel their children need extra support with English and mathematics. We offer our pupils a fun learning experience in a Covid safe environment. 

Traditional one to one tuition is expensive, costing around £35 per hour, at Top Grades Education we aim to make tuition accessible to more people by offering small group tuition (max 6 students) at only £20 per hour.

At Top Grades Education we believe in only hiring fully qualified teachers to deliver our sessions, many tuition services do not use qualified teachers.